dim lights no brights

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Tue Jul 15 11:33:16 EDT 2003

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Hey guys-
well my '84 urq 20V is now somewhat on the road.  As we speak I'm having th=
e custom downpipe made and I have just a few things to tidy up.  I've got a=
 couple questions regarding the electrics.  I'm using the 120A alternator f=
rom the 200 20V (vs 90A on the urq) and I also replaced the big battery cab=
le in the urq with the one form the 200, because it is the same length and =
has no splice in it like the urq one has.  When I turn the headlights on, t=
he idle dips a smidge and lights are dull til I rev it a little bit.  This,=
 IIRC, was normal with the urq alternator.  I thought the bigger alternator=
 from the 200 might/should get rid of this, no?  Is this a sign the alterna=
tor is going south?

Also, the headlamps (I have the Euro sloped Cibies w/ uprated bulbs, relays=
) work fine at normal.  When I click on the brights, highs and lows both go=
 out.  What would cause this?



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