all lights except for the headlights are not working

bill bleiler b_ill78 at
Wed Jul 16 08:01:57 EDT 2003

all of a sudden my dash lights didnt come on when i
turned on my headlights.  I assumed it was a bulb and
kept driving, when one of my friends flashed me and
told me that i had no rear lights, my brake lights
worked but i had no rear lights or front running
lights.   I continued driving it ( just avoided using
the car at night and used the rear fog) then one
morning i opened the trunk and the lights came back
on....then a few days ago they shut off again, i went
to open the trunk and presto, they came back on.  Then
yesterday they didnt come on again, and opening the
trunk didnt fix it... I checked the bulbs, but they
were fine, I am assuming there is some sort of short
back there....any suggestions?

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