First Drives

Brandon Rogers brogers at
Wed Jul 16 12:20:12 EDT 2003

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HI guys-
I just picked my '84 up from the exhaust shop where I had them build a down=
pipe for the 20V motor to my stock (minus center resonator) urq exhaust sys=
tem.  Until now I had driven it (quick test drives) around with a downpipe =
rigged up to my system--lots of leaks, etc.  I got in the car and with a qu=
ick turn of the key the motor started and immediately settled to nice, stea=
dy, muffled idle.  Once off, the car feels great. It really pulls nicely, i=
s smooth, and spools up quick.  Third gear is my favorite, so far - it pull=
s so nice there.  The sound is great, more of a whine than a roar.  Honestl=
y it is no 10V in terms of sound, but I think the other factors make up for=
 it, IMO.  I still have some things to finish up and some small issues, but=
 the project is wrapping up and the fruit of my labor tastes great - well t=
he first bite at least.

I figure I'm average, or less than average, in terms of my mechanical (and =
definitely electrical) skills compared to this list.  I've had so much help=
 thanks to this list.

Thank you Steve E, Dennis G, Dave D, Ben H, and all the others who answered=
 questions for me.  You guys are the best.

I have taken several pictures if anybody wants to see them.  Some are jpg, =
some are in Word.  My files are probably huge due to my lack of computer ex=
pertise-sorry.  Maybe somebody would want to host them for a while???--alth=
ough admittedly the pics are not revolutionary--they just look like pics of=
 an urq in pieces.  I did take a few pics of issues that come up during the=
 conversion, however.

'84 urq 20V


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