plug wires/plugs etc...

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Wed Jul 16 12:14:02 EDT 2003

I found something out regarding wires.  I spoke to Kingsborne.  They told me
the wire size is not the actual metallic wire size but rather the thickness
of the silicone wrap.

Just an interesting fact I did not know.


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> From: "Joshua C" <smuckycat at>
> Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 12:29:50 -0400
> To: 200q20v at
> Subject: plug wires/plugs etc...
> I am in the process of replacing some consumables such as plugs and wire
> cause it's been a long time...longer than 3 years + 60k mi (since I have had
> the car).  Does anyone know of a vendor with  the most reasonable prices on
> these expensive items?  And someone who will actually send the correct
> parts.
> Also Blau sells either 7mm plug wires or the "high Performance"  8mm red
> wires for 30$ it worth it?  I have a stock engine so my guess is
> no...
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