airbag indicator...

DAK dak at
Fri Jul 18 00:39:36 EDT 2003

In my '91 200q20v, the airbag indicator light has started going on for
the first minute or two after the car has been started. One dealer told
me it can stay on for up to 10 minutes before being considered a
problem. Not totally happy with that answer, I called another dealer who
said that isn't normal and it should be checked out. Bentley says I need
a VW 1619 tool to test the air bag system. Before I go spending money
for a dealer to diagnose, I'd like some other BTDT...

I suspect the "energy reserve" unit... I think that's just a
rechargeable battery pack that reached the end of its life...

I also heard that this behavoir can be triggered by a low battery
voltage (or when the battery has been disconnected) and can be reset by
a VAG-COM, or VW 1619 tool.


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