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I am running about one minute now, I too suspect  the energy reserve pack


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> In my '91 200q20v, the airbag indicator light has started going on for
> the first minute or two after the car has been started. One dealer told
> me it can stay on for up to 10 minutes before being considered a
> problem. Not totally happy with that answer, I called another dealer who
> said that isn't normal and it should be checked out. Bentley says I need
> a VW 1619 tool to test the air bag system. Before I go spending money
> for a dealer to diagnose, I'd like some other BTDT...
> I suspect the "energy reserve" unit... I think that's just a
> rechargeable battery pack that reached the end of its life...
> I also heard that this behavoir can be triggered by a low battery
> voltage (or when the battery has been disconnected) and can be reset by
> a VAG-COM, or VW 1619 tool.
> David
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