Reset air bag warning light Vag-com

Dr. Adam Gratz dradamgratz at
Sat Jul 19 13:05:34 EDT 2003

Great, I just moved from Philly to Los Angeles. Needless to say, I am not
growing any fonder of the "cute red ABS light" in my face. Any one in the LA
area willing to lend a reset tool?

Also, thanks to the lister who wrote about the sale on brake caliper tools.
They also had excellent prices on high output LED flashlights.

RE: Loss of power lister who was getting full boost, smooth acceleration,
but poor power (sorry two weeks ago?).  I had the same symptoms this week.
Turned out to be an intermittent sticky rear caliper!
I suppose a stuck E-brake cable would cause similar symptoms.

Dr. Gratz
91 200 TQ Avant
90 100

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