Tool for turning crank?

Jonas Majauskas jmajau at
Sun Jul 20 16:15:22 EDT 2003

On Sat, 19 Jul 2003, Steve Scalmanini wrote:

> What does anyone use to hand turn the crank a few degrees
> at a time?
> I can't get the head of a ratchet or breaker bar onto a
> socket on the crank bolt becaust there is too little space
> between the end of the socket and the aux. radiator.  An
> offset box-end wrench would be perfect but I can't find
> one that large (27mm; 1 1/16").
> What do you use?

Just remove front bumper, only two bolts hold it. Do not forget to
disconnect turn signal lights. Then unbolt aux radiator (four nuts). Do
not disconnect water hoses - there is no need. Leave the aux radiator to
hang on the water hoses. There should be enough space to access the crank
bolt from the front.

80q, 1984
200tq20v, 1990

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