Front CV boot replacement tools & tricks?

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at
Sun Jul 20 14:41:30 EDT 2003

  Take your time.  I prefer to totally dissassemble the CV
joint.  Some people just dip it in a parts washer and clean it
up but by disassembling it you can inspect your cage.  My Friend
DAN wanted to just do the parts washer routine, I made him
disassemble them and one of his cages was cracked all the way
through.  Probably wouldnt have lasted much longer. :-)   He is
now a believer.
  As for Tools, you'll need Circlip pliers for the inner joint
to remove the circlip.  And a rubber mallet to knock it off the
shaft.  If you do the outer you'll need a VICE for sure as they
take some force to get off.  I'm not sure if the 91' 200 has the
S4/A6 style joint or the 5ktq style.  The S4/A6 style you just
knock the outer end off as its held in with a Spring clip.  The
5ktq/200 style has a circlip inside that is hard to access, you
have to hold it open whiel someone take a VERY BIG HAMMER and
carefully knock the joint off.  ITs a PITA on the early style.
  As for the clamp, try to get one that is for auto use that has
the center punch that punches down the metal as you clamp it
making a flat crimp.  The cheap type you use for sprinkler
crimps work fine but leaves a big bulb of metal that I dont
  l8r and good luck.

--- Steve Scalmanini <sscalmanini at> wrote:
> Are there any special tools or techniques I should know about
> to replace front CV boots?  I finally split one after 186K
> miles.
> Got kits from SJM already.
> Is a press really/usually necessary to remove either joint?
> What is "D3" used to seal the "Cap" to the inner CV joint
> (per p. 40.18)?
> Is any clamp crimper as good as another?
> Anything else that should be done while they're out?
> (Front-end bushings and shocks are original.)
> Steve
> Ukiah, CA
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