Bilstein install ? - Type 44, rear

Dave C. conner at
Mon Jul 21 01:53:27 EDT 2003

Ben writes...

"Are you quite sure the rattle was not there before."

Not sure at all ... there were multiple noises!  The suspension was so bad
when I bought the car I couldn't stand to drive it.

" ... (snip)  Finally I isolated it to the rear subframe mounting nuts that
had worked loose over time.
Not that the nuts had backed off, but tightening them a few turns made the
car sound like new again.
Check by getting under the car and have someone bounce it and see if
you don't feel movement at the fasteners where the subframe mounts.  I
am sure I experienced the same clunkiness in several 5ktq's but never
put my finger on it (literally) until then."

I will give this a try.  What you say fits with Bernie's insistence that it
isn't the strut top nuts.

thanks guys,
Dave C.

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