Bilstein install ? - Type 44, rear

Dave C. conner at
Mon Jul 21 02:00:36 EDT 2003

I replaced all bushings in the suspension (front and rear) including the
ones you mention.  No doubt the old ones were a source of  some of the
clunking sounds the car used to make.  I also replaced springs, struts,
rear transverse links, tie rods, etc.  So there are lots of places where I
could have screwed up with improper torque, misplaced washer, etc.  I'm
checking everything.
Dave C.

At 06:53 PM 7/20/2003 -0700, Dave D wrote:
>There is one other possibility.  The rear subframe has a long part
>(A-Frame?) with a large bolt that ends in a bracket just ahead of rear
>wheels, at least on the 200, and this bracket which anchors to frame is
>rubber bushed.  When it goes bad the front washer on said bolt bumps against
>bracket and clunks.... and it just keeps getting worse.  I replaced both of
>mine at considerable cost from Audi dealer....  If you sit in the rear the
>noise is right under you...  To test it, I forced rear axle forward by
>parking with tail end downhill, then tightly wrapping a string as tightly as
>I could between washer and bracket, then drove car--clunk went away, but
>string gets hammered out in a little while.  Brackets could be rebushed I
>guess, but I got new ones.
>good luck.
>Dave D
>'91 200Q

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