Stuck rear seatbelt

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I've been successful at unreeling a stuck belt by patiently coaxing it back
& forth a small bit at a time.

On my Avant, when attempting to return rear seatbacks from the down position
into the upright position, the belts become tightly reeled-in (stuck),
preventing the seatback from tilting upward from the cushion.  The fix has
been to reel the seatbelt out fully & lock into the 'opposite' receiver, as
a first step before tilting the seatback down to begin with.  The belts do
reel fine otherwise.



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I went out this morning to put a car seat in my avant, and found that
one of the rear seat belts is stuck. It is fully retracted, put will not
spool out at all. It feels locked, like when it is jerked quickly.
Unlike the newer Audis (my S6 for example), these belts aren't supposed
to lock like this, only when jerked quickly. I tried moving where the
car was parked, from flat to an incline in hopes that would release it,
but no luck. So I tried folding down the seat, and all that did was real
in more belt, so now I can't get the seat back up. Anyone have any ideas
of how to fix this?
Dave Priebe
Kenmore, WA
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