Bad Bomb Symptom?

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Mon Jul 21 11:16:29 EDT 2003

At 4:54 PM -0700 7/18/03, Patrick Anderson wrote:
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>My red "brake" light has been staying on for a while lately upon
>startup. It usually doesn't go out until after I have backed out of
>my driveway and started moving forward. To put this in perspective,
>my driveway is about 90 feet long. However, I pumped my pedal with
>the ignition off and still get plenty off pumps without the pedal
>going hard. Anybody ever had this happen to them and have the bomb
>go bad soon after?

Please define what you mean by "plenty of pumps".

A commonly used criterion for a new/good bomb is somewhere in excess
of 30 (even 40) pumps. If you  can get close to that (or at least
20), then the bomb is probably OK. However, there's also the matter
of time interval between engine shutdown and testing. If the number
of pedal pumps decreases markedly after waiting some time (few hrs?)
before testing, this might point to leakage in the brake servo unit
(there was a recent thread--10 days ago--about how to test for this).


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