turn / Get at crank bolt

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Mon Jul 21 15:37:49 EDT 2003

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If this is to just rotate the crank, I got a slim socket and angled (socket
end) wrench to do it with both radiators and the IC in place.  Here's the link:
<A HREF="http://www.avacationhomerental.com/MPTSAudiSavingthe200inVA.htm">http://www.avacationhomerental.com/MPTSAudiSavingthe200inVA.htm</A>
Scroll half way down for the photos and wrench sizes.
HTH - Scott in BOSTON
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200q20v-request at audifans.com writes:
> Jonas,
> I second that advice. It is what I did when changing my t-belts. The bumper
> is very easy and as you said, so is the aux rad when you don't disconnect
> the hoses.
> But I might add, to get a really go shot at the crank bolt, you want to
> remove the IC as well which is also easy.

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