VAG-COM Question

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Jul 21 13:05:34 EDT 2003

At 4:29 PM -0400 7/20/03, Michael Stricker wrote:

>HI,  I was going to try and connect my VAG-COM to my 200Q this
>afternoon and ran into a stumbling block.  The
>Bentley refers to two connectors and I see 3, a black one, a blue
>one (which looks like it has only one wire in it) and a tan one.
>Does anybody know the correct way to hook the VAG-COM (ugly)
>connector up to these?

To do this "right", you need the Y cable from Audi for the VAG1551-
it's about $25-30, I think...Zelina(?) carries it, they're in NY and
ground would probably be 1 day.

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