NG harness wiring for ECU - need help

ben swann benswann at
Tue Jul 22 01:48:22 EDT 2003

Wiring and hookup commences tommorrow.  I still need some help on this.


to understand my questions.  Or refer to description in prior email

Granted this is not oft frequented territory, but I appreciate anything
that other harness swappers or wiring gurus can recall.


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From: ben swann <benswann at>
Date: Monday, July 21, 2003 0:17 am
Subject: Re: NG harness wiring for ECU

Quattrophile and fellow swapaholics,

I reached a major milestone last week on "Project GTQ" begun several
years ago when the NG engine was bolted to the bellhousing.  I should
be able to get it started soon after hooking everything up.

I was hoping for some confirmation/feedback on the questions I posted
for the wiring harness.

Although I have consulted the Bently and other diagrams and information
at hand, I could use help confirming where/which are some of the
harness connections and power wires.

So I am reposting, assuming this was glossed over earlier.  I
appreciate any help.



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From: ben swann <benswann at>
Date: Thursday, July 17, 2003 10:57 am
Subject: Re: NG harness wiring for ECU
I was hoping to get some help on the harness wiring for the NG/CIS-E3
installation fo "Project GTQ"

I revised and put on a web page - hope I can get some feedback.

My main questions are:

Which are Power wire and Ground?

What are the major functions for barrel connectors - Black, Green and

Hopefully my webpage makes clear what I'm asking and will help others
who may be insane enough to try this in the future.


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From: ben swann <benswann at>
Date: Thursday, July 10, 2003 11:34 am
Subject: NG harness wiring for ECU
[note: original text below edited and revised for clarity/correction]

- "Project GTQ" installing NG engine into '87 4000 CS quattro.

- CIS-E wiring harness remove routed the CIS-E3 harness from 87.5 GT
Coupe through the firewall.

- I'm trying to identify some of the connectors that go over to the
left/drivers side of the car as well as power source and ground.

- There were similar connectors on the CIS-E harness, but some
differences.  Bently does not clarify.

  Can anyone identify Power wire and Ground?

  Here are the harness connectors description:

  Red barrel connector has 3 wires -
> G/V .5
> G   .5
> B/R .5
  I noticed the corresponding same type of Red Barrel connector was
  not used on the CIS harness I removed.

  Black Round Barrel connector -
> B/Bl 1.5
> B    1.0
> G/R  2.5
> G/B  .75

There was a black square connector that I disconnected for the  CIS-E
harness.  It does not have the same wire/sizes.  Is this a
corresponding connector/Are some of these leads used for CIS-E3?

  Green round/barrel connector:
> Br/B  .5
> G/Y   .5
 This is similar to the one I pulled out for CIS-E, but wire
size/colors are  different.

  Small black with two B/W .5 wires

  Separate wires/connector clipped?
> G/R  .5
> B/W  .5
> Br/Bl  .5
 I appreciate any leads on what wires I definately need for power
 as  well as which if any of the above I need, or the major function
 performed by the different connectors above.  Following that any
 that  may be used for other ancillary functions like trip computer,
 tach, etc.

Also any suggestions on where/how to tap the power which according
to  Bentley is 2.5 R/W and I assume in black barrel connector, but like
to verify.  I assume relaying power from somewhere either off Fuse
panel (hard to get to) or dedicated power wire with relay from
ign.track 15 (where to tap control wire?).

Anyone have diagram showing the CIS-E3 harness with connectors?

TIA for help.


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