Vag-Com 2x2 Ugly cable adapter which leads to plug into?

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Tue Jul 22 12:54:27 EDT 2003


I want to thank everyone for pointing me to SJM's website and for relaying
their own experiences.  When I purchased my VAG-COM for my S6, I ordered it
with all the connectors that UWE had available at that time.  This included the
versatile "ugly" connector.  With that, you can pretty much interface it to any
variation of connectors that might exist (or at least on the 200 and urS cars)
since the "ugly" connector has individual wires.

My original question was which 2 of the 3 connectors do I connect to.  It looks
as though one of the pins on a needed connector was pushed back inside the
connector housing...and the black connector was just dangling.

Thanks again for the advice.

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> Brett:
> From the original post I interperted the question as which of the three pairs
> of connectors do you use? Blue, white or Brown?
> If he is trying to connect the Vag-Com WITHOUT the "ugly" 2x2 cables, then
> yes he needs the "Y" adapter you described.
> HTH -Scott in BOSTON w/ spare 2x2 Ugly cable for loan.
> >"The Bentley refers to two connectors and I see 3, a black one, a blue
> >one (which looks like it has only one wire in it) and a tan one."
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> > To do this "right", you need the Y cable from Audi for the VAG1551-
> > it's about $25-30, I think...Zelina(?) carries it, they're in NY and
> > ground would probably be 1 day.
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