WGFV error

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Tue Jul 22 16:22:50 EDT 2003

At 5:46 PM +0000 7/22/03, Mike Del Tergo wrote:
>Quick question.  One of the multitude of error codes I just pulled was for
>the WGFV.
>By a show of hands, on BTDTs, have most been wiring or the actual WGFV.  Any
>ideas on price for said valve?

 From what I've heard and experienced, the WGFV typically craps out
"silently" (i.e., without benefit of ECU code). The failure is
frequently caused by a bad solenoid coil (winding) that keeps the
valve held wide open. This (open valve) is the "default" failure
mode, which limits boost to about 1.4 bar. There is an easy-to-do
solenoid resistance check (see Bentley) which will show up a bad
WGFV. You can also trigger the WGFV operation as one of a series of
ECU output tests (see Bentley); this test produces audible clicks
when it operates the WGFV. However, when I did this I heard the
clicks even though the WGFV was defective.

If you can find one (they were hard to locate a couple of years ago)
a WGFV costs about $80.


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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