airbag replacement

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Consumers, picky consumers.........after the little unintended
acceleration fiasco we're lucky they pick up the phone at all except for
new sales.....except for that radio speaker thing, that was real !! but
everyone knows that's bose's fault ;-)

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> Jim, Audi has retroactively extended the "deadline" to 15 years, I
> read somewhere, so that gives you another couple years to come up with
> $$$$ (guessing $1k+) for replacement if you want to do that. Haven't
> of anyone doing pre-emptive replacement of airbag modules - what do
> think about that, Bernie?
Lets push the concept, to help satisfy those needing to replace
> I think the story is, "we're pretty sure it will work ok for ten years
> fifteen years, but not sure what will happen after that, might work,
> not, just dunno, not enough data so no guarantee"...also I think the
> control module replacement/recall campaign was intended to extend
> life as well.
Wishfull thinking Hank, Audi do something without direct economic gain,

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>> Flipped down my visor to shield against the summer sun and noticed a
>> warning label saying that the airbag must be replaced within ten
>> of manufacture.  Missed that deadline by a few years.
>> What's the story with this?  Will it fail to deploy?  Anyone have an
>> idea of the cost?
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