T-stat change advice

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Tue Jul 22 17:06:21 EDT 2003


Matt might better have posted his Qs to the 20V list, inasmuch as his
problems are 89 chassis related, not 44.  The thermo housing, the PS pump,
rad and air ducting therto, all are different.  Same block casting and
thermostat location, but that's about all.


> From: Chuck Pierce <cpcycle at earthlink.net>
> Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 14:52:16 -0700
> To: Matt twentyV <matt_20v at yahoo.com>
> Cc: 200q20v at audifans.com
> Subject: Re: T-stat change advice
> Matt
> Since the t-stat is under the hyd. pump ( at least on my 91 200 ) I
> would just pull the pump and do the deed. When pulling the pump just
> keep it as level as possible to not loose the prime. If nessacary when
> reinstalling, prime the pump before attaching the belts and hyd lines. I
> pulled the pump when doing my radiator and found it made thing really easy.
> Chuck Pierce
> 91 200 tq 20v Avant
> Matt twentyV wrote:
>> Subject car is a '91 coupe quattro with a 3B engine.
>> I want to replace the T-stat as the engine temps
>> are a little low as read by VAG-COM block 000 (hovers
>> in mid 180s vs. spec of 185-205) and radiator gets
>> warm immediately after starting.
>> Looking at the engine, I don't see how to get at
>> it without taking off the intake manifold.  Is there
>> a magic way to do this, or just bite the bullet and
>> pull the IM?  The coupe engine bay is a little more
>> cramped than the 200, the radiator is just a few
>> inches from the IM.  If pulling the IM is the
>> recommended course I can justify it better by also
>> replacing the MFTS and after-run sensor.  Any other
>> DFY-if-IAB-but-makes- sense-if- your-are-in-there
>> items?
>> TIA,
>> Matt Rooke
>> '91cq//20vt
>> '00S4//30vtt

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