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Hi Y'all,

I will respond a bit slowly since I will be taking my wife to Cleveland
Clinic today for a Thursday appointment with her cardiologist there.  I'll
be rather busy with that for a couple of days.

OK.  Here is what I got from Tom at ECS Tuning.    There may be a couple of
details remaining to be negotiated but I think what follows here is fairly
close to where we will end up.

Normal retail price when buying all three hoses for the S4/S6 series:  $360.00

#'s for the group buy

Count   Price/Set of 3 hoses
   5-10  $330.00
10-15   $310.00
15-20   $290.00
20-30   $279.00

Available colors:
Red, blue & black hoses will be the fastest delivery because these are
normally stocked and are ordered on a regular basis.  The other colors are
likely to have rather slow delivery times.

200 20v hoses are available in all the same colors.

Normal price is $260.00 when bought in a set of 2.

5-10 $230.00
10-15 $215.00
15 & up $199.00

These prices, especially if we have a group of over 20 look pretty much as
I suggested earlier - not CHEAP but still a pretty decent savings.  It
looks to me like we may well number over 20 before the GP is finalized.  I
have 25 names at the moment.

Questions still only partially determined:

1.      Are individual hoses rather than a full set available at similar
discounts for those who already have one or two hoses?  I think so but this
has not been settled for sure yet.

2.      Will high quality clamps also be available?  Yes.  $47 per set for

When/if you reply or ask questions please include "Samco" in the subject
line so my filter will catch it for me. Thanks.


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