Bilstein install ? - Type 44, rear

David Conner conner at
Wed Jul 23 13:02:18 EDT 2003

This is an important thing to watch for, but I confirmed I have the right
ones for this car...  with 10 mm shafts, same as what I took off.  I
retightened the top nuts.  First I broke a hex key trying to reach the 37
ft/lb torque spec.  Then I got a better hex key and tightened it til the
hex at top of shaft stripped... now it's much tighter, but never did reach
37 according to the torque wrench.  If I have to disassemble it again I'll
be able to get the nut off with an air hammer, but don't know how I'd
re-tighten it. Now I've got everything back together and noise seems to be
reduced but not eliminated.

Maybe it's the exhaust system.
The hanger bracket at the transmission was rotted so I made a new one, but
the fit isn't identical to OEM.  Making the bracket with the holes lined up
correctly, and gaining access to the bolts attaching it to the transmission
was a big PITA.  Maybe theres a better way to get at these bolts by
unbolting the transmission mounts.  It would seem the best time to replace
this bracket would be during clutch replacement or whenever the tranny is
out for some other reason.   Do you have any experience with replacing it?

 Thanks for the suggestion.
Dave C.

At 10:12 AM 7/23/2003 -0400, Peter Schultz wrote:
>There is an issue about the diameter of the Bilstein shaft for the rear of
the avants - it is a larger diameter than for the sedans.
>Check the part numbers on the rear shocks.
>I believe that the Avant rear struts should be M12 not M10 shafts.
>The other thing to check is the front bushing for the rear lower control arm.
>At 07:52 PM 7/20/2003 -0400, Dave C. wrote:
>>Patient is an 87 5ktq w/ recent complete suspension rebuild incl Bilstein
>>struts/shocks and Eibach springs.  Test drive reveals a rattle in rear end
>>when going over even slight bumps.  I've checked torque on all fasteners,
>>emptied the trunk of everything that might rattle, etc.  The remaining
>>suspect is a loose top nut on the rear Bilsteins.  It isn't clear to me how
>>tight this nut is supposed to be.
>>Bentley says 15 ft/lbs for the '87.
>>The Bentley for 89 and newer says 22 ft/lbs.
>>The instruction sheet provided with the Bilstein shock says  "nut torque 37
>>+7.5 ft lb"
>>What does this mean?  If it means 42.5 ft lbs, why doesn't it just say that?
>>42.5 ft lbs sounds unreasonably high, and I'm afraid to go there.
>>On the other hand, 7.5 sounds unreasonably low.
>>The initial install was torqued to 15 ft lbs in accordance with Bentley
>>Does anyone know what this torque should be?
>>Has anyone actually installed these things with torque of 42.5 ft lbs?
>>BTW ... these nuts are tightened similar to the front struts, except the
>>fastener sizes are different.  They require a 17 mm deep socket with the
>>side cut out and holding the shaft with a 5 mm hex key.
>>Dave C.
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