Radiator choices,modified Modine, Nissens or AKG?

Martin Pot paulnet at direcway.com
Wed Jul 23 13:03:34 EDT 2003

Thanks everyone for your reviews. I have now kind of an idea of the trouble
spots and am not discouraged yet. I think I may be able to resolve this
before I install it in the car. I am glad I asked and didn't find out when I
have the rad in place and have to make a  run to the list with big panic
"Help!" subjects.
I am going to order it now, and will let you know of my experience.
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> IMHO, it was either bad threads on the insert or distortion caused by
> the welding process.
> >
> > The problem with the "tight" threads in the Nissens as reported here was
> > that the captive nuts or whatever in the radiator would break loose so
> > you couldn't tighten the radiator into position properly.  It wasn't
just a
> > case of too much paint in the threads.  It was more like poor assembly.
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