20V Clininc / repair interest? Aug 2003 New England/MA

SuffolkD at aol.com SuffolkD at aol.com
Thu Jul 24 14:39:45 EDT 2003

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I need a T-belt.  Bearing too.  Any other listers willing to work in company?
We can even showcase Minhea's chipset!
When we buy our new home in Sept I'll host these things in 2004. -Scott in

In a message dated 7/24/03 12:08:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
msylvester at verizon.net writes:>   I might be willing to host such an event.  But, I'll have
> to check with the Boss 1st.
>  If it were to happen it would have to be Sat 8/9 or Sat 8/16.
>   I am in Shirley, MA.
>   What kind of interest is there?  It doesn't have to be just timing belts.
> I'm not in need of one myself, but I'm sure I can find something to fix.
>   Mike Sylvester
>   -------------------------------
>  Scott Wrote:
>   New England lister(s):
> Is there any interest in a timing belt-a-thon this month of August?
> or
> Is there a lister who'd host a "clinic"?
> -Scott in BOSTON looking to prep for the 'Glen this August.

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