Radiator choices,modified Modine, Nissens or AKG

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 24 19:30:00 EDT 2003

Along the same lines, listers had wondered about the viability of running
just one rad in the 200 20V.  OK, I wondered.  My shakedown of my second 200
Avant has given me a reference point.
The cars maintenance history was sketchy, so after my wrench cleared the
tbelt and water pump, I prophylactically swapped, tstat (80C), rad temp
switch, MSFT, afterrun switch, coolant etc.  I was still running warm
compared to my other avant.  I thought the aux rad may be plugged so I
pulled it.  I couldn't afford to be without the car for a few days so I
pulled on rad hose and ran the other between the 2 outlest of the main rad.
Long story short I have been running around with no aux rad for about 10
days.  The weather in Maine has been cooler than normal.  All I can report
definatively is that the car will cruise at 80 MPH in 80%F, highish humidity
with the temp gauge reading at the middle hash mark.
My other avant will run at the first solid hash mark under the same
conditions (some would consider this too cool,but with great boost, 26+MPH
HGWY I'm fine with it.)
Both cars are on their second rads I believe.  Both have all new coolant
related sensors etc.  I would guess the 10-12%C difference could be the aux
These cars have, IMHO, very good cooling systems.  Even with a bad tstat, my
first 200 would not overheat when underway or even in the drive way!  I have
my aux rad back from the shop and don't have any pressing need to put it
back right away.

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