Radiators, now BTDT

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 24 18:56:08 EDT 2003

So here's my ounce of wisdom.  First off, don't pay too much for your
radiator.  Dediced to go local as I was quoted a price for the part within
20$ of mail order...so with shipping, about even stever.  Turns out it was
the wrong part, so wrong price, and difference went up more than I was
comfortable with, but that's another story.

Other key point, you don't need to remove or even unbolt the hydr. pump.
Removing the fender liner is more than enough.  I was able to remove the
radiator no problem with no liner and pump in place.

The other thing to watch out for, and I swear I haven't always been this
much of a bonehead, but when you pull the fender liner, watch which screws
come from where.  There are different lengths in there, and if you put say
the longer one in the fender side where the short ones should go...well you
probably can guess what happens.  Not good.

Also, you don't need to remove the bumper, I did thinking it'd open up
access a bit, but for just the radiator, not needed, however if you want to
flush the system, the lower hose on the aux radiator is one of the good
spots so...

And lastly, contrary to some of the conventional wisdom, I don't think it's
such a big deal with replacing the mounts with new while your in there.  I
reused the old and they looked far from haggard.  Talking with somebody else
"in the bizz," he thought best reason for changing the mounts would be if
your car had been in a collision resulting in stress on the mounts.
Otherwise, fugetaboutit!

Hope this helps, and I'll be curious to see how the aftermarket users fare
to see just how much more I could have saved on parts.

Good luck to anyone diving in.

Derek P

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