crankcase breather hose

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Sat Jul 26 21:24:44 EDT 2003

You want just the main hose off the breather outlet on the block
(034.103.221AF)?  Clair has 'em for $95.20 as the Quattro List price.  I
was quoted about $116 for that one as the "best" dealer price
elsewhere.  The little one (034.133.367C) that Tee's off from the middle of
the larger one is $72.67.

At 02:53 PM 07/26/2003 -0700, Bernie Benz wrote:
>Does anyone have a recent price and source for a crankcase breather hose?
>Is this a dealer only item?
>Thanks, Bernie
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