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Sat Jul 26 21:50:35 EDT 2003

At 5:14 PM -0700 7/26/03, reesisright wrote:

>With a digital meter, I get 12.5/6v. and 12.6.v at the jumppost with
>engine off.

Well- 12.65 with surface charge removed(interior lights do a decent
job of removing the surface charge after a few minutes), at 70
degrees, is a perfect charge- see

(there's a lot more on that site- read up if you want to know almost
everything there is to know about lead acid batteries).

So, what's the "charging issue"?

>  1year old battery. Brand new Bosch remanufactered alternator. There
>is 13.6v at the jump post engine running, and 13.4v. at battery with
>engine running. According to the electical systems repair on Chris
>Miller's page, this could lead to the infamous cable splice problem.
>But, I measured 13.6v engine running on both sides of the dreaded

Any difference between the terminal and the clamp?  How's the ground
strap connection(body side) look?

Even a very small resistance will lead to a noticeable voltage drop
under high current loads.  If the meter picks up even a slight
voltage difference between clamp and terminal, dig out that radio
code :-), remove the clamp, clean both terminal and clamp with
something like DeOxit(or use one of those battery terminal cleaners,
just put something on the terminal to keep it from corroding),
reconnect, and test again.

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