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Sun Jul 27 11:09:33 EDT 2003

On Sat, 26 Jul 2003 SuffolkD at wrote:

> Mike:  I'll bet the brushes are worn down or your drive belt is tight but
> glazed and slipping under load.

Then why voltage on battery is more than 13V ?

BTW, I have similar problem. Voltage on battery is steady 13.8V when
engine is running. But ClimateControl head shows 12.1V without electrical
load (radiator fan, a/c compressor, lights...). When radiator fan turns
on, voltage on CC head drops to 11.8V.

So, battery has 13.8V, but CC shows less. And dashboard voltmeter shows
about 13V (hard to tell what is exact value - something between 12 and

Things I suspect:

1. CC is not precise, and shows less voltage than it is.

2. Two red wires, that go from battery to system wiring.

3. ... ?


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> P.S.  Didn't your car get wrecked or spin, roll hail damage etc?
> -Scott in BOSTON
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> > the hood and at the battery. Driving down the road, the CC Head reads
> > 13.5 -> 14v, until the fan comes on - then it drops to about 12.2. If I turn
> > on the A/C, I only get about 10.9v on the CC head, but I still see over 13v
> > at the battery.
> >
> > Any ideas? I've checked and the belt is tight.
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