20V After-Run System Consensus

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sun Jul 27 08:05:01 EDT 2003

If you'll do a Google search of the Audifans website, you'll find the same
question about 200q20v after-run systems results in numerous responses to
the effect the '91 doesn't behave anything like previous Type 44
systems.  By design, it only comes on when the under-hood temperatures get
really hot.

At 04:11 AM 07/27/2003 -0500, BriceW at webtv.net wrote:
>I have about got the WHOLE cooling system changed over to new.
>What I have NOT changed yet is the radiator fan motor, blower motor and
>the heater core.
>Everything else is brand spanking OEM new. New 1st,2nd and 3rd stage
>New after-run switch, new MFTS with new connectors and wiring, new blue
>3 stage resistor pack, new after-run aux. cooling pump relay, new
>radiator and aux. radiator, all new hoses and connector clamps, new
>water pump and all of the of the mandatory things associated with that
>job, new coolant tank reservoir, new mounts,etc.
>My after-run system is not operating properly. At least not as I
>remember former Audis operating.
>The after-run fan and pump seem to never turn on. It turned on yesterday
>for the very first time in a long time after a 20 minute drive on a very
>hot day with the air conditioning on which turns on the high speed fan
>and cools the system.  I am used to the Audi after-run system turning on
>after a short drive in normal temperature without air-conditioning, This
>is my 5th Audi.
>My question is.
>What is the normal after-run time for our cars?
>I almost want to try the lower temp after-run switch as I don't feel
>that my after-run system is operating properly.
>I know that Scott does not recommend this switch as it lowers gas
>mileage. I live in Kansas and shouldn't need this lower temp switch.
>What is the NORMAL for the after-run fan and pump to turn on? NORMAL in
>Summer and in Winter.
>Maybe I am be to exacting about the after-run system but I feel that it
>is very foundational to the whole car.
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