Alt question / Alternator Issue

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Sun Jul 27 10:17:04 EDT 2003

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Mike:  I'll bet the brushes are worn down or your drive belt is tight but g=
lazed and slipping under load.
P=2ES.  Didn't your car get wrecked or spin, roll hail damage etc?
-Scott in BOSTON


Yes, I wrecked mine in May when I hit a couple inches of hail on I-90.  I b=
ought back the salvage and I replaced the wrecked one with another one.

I am thinking brushes also. Just need to find a way to get the old alternat=
or out - the top bolts are pretty inaccessible and are too tight for any to=
ol I have that will reach them. I'll check the belt for glazing, but it loo=
ked pretty good the last time I checked it.


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