I've decided to sell my brand new RS6

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Sun Jul 27 19:01:24 EDT 2003

At 9:16 AM -0600 7/24/03, Brian Link wrote:
>Well I decide to sell my brand new RS-6 on e-bay.  My 200 20v is just as
>fast and more comfortable so I decided to keep it instead.  I can't make
>head or tails out this twin turbo V8.  And the brakes, don't get me
>started on the RS-6's brakes.  I love my UFO's and I don't understand
>why Audi dropped the design.  The worst part is the ladies come running
>to the 200 but don't give me a second look in the RS-6

Not to mention, the wood is hideous*, no manual transmission, and
it's got all those damn badges everywhere. Front, back, doorsills,
steering wheel, seats, gauges...Oh, and finding 19" snows is just


*almost every newish-Audi owner to ride in my 200q20v has immediately
commented, upon getting in, on how nice the Zebrano looks compared to
the wood in their cars.  Seriously, is it just me, or is that wood
GREEN in places?
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