Breaking my heart

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Sun Jul 27 21:14:24 EDT 2003

At 03:15 PM 07/27/2003 -0700, Dr. Adam Gratz wrote:
>The Machine:
>1991 200 20V Avant
>The symptoms:
>Break pedal becomes resistance free for the first 1/3 of its travel, and the
>calipers stay compressed (rear I believe). The brake drag is not severe, but
>is quite noticeable.
>The last 2/3 of pedal travel feel normal, and the car stops well.
>The symptoms are intermittent, and not relieved by disabling the ABS,
>repeatedly pulling the E-Brake, or repeatedly pumping the pedal. The
>reservoir is full.
>Differential Diagnosis: ?? Do these symptoms reflect any one else's

Sounds like you have the classic sticky rear caliper parking brake lever
syndrome, Doc.  The fix is to dismantle the caliper and clean all the
corrosion out of the chamber into which the parking brake lever fits.

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