re. carb cleaner vs. air intake cleaner/throttle body cleaner

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Do you mean something like WD-40?  Wouldn't an oil spray product harm those

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Subject: re. carb cleaner vs. air intake cleaner/throttle body cleaner

Yes, common mistake if you will (BTDT).  Carb cleaner is an excellent
cleaner, but does not provide any lubrication.  Throttle body cleaner
lubricates as well.

I have cleaned throttle bodies with carb cleaner and no negative
effects, but since I know better, will be using throttle body cleaner
(at least on the last pass) to clean the throttle body.

The ISV on the other hand will be trashed by carb cleaner.  Throttle
body cleaner is surly a better bet.

I  have also found a good spray oil can be effectve for getting out
some gunk yet not trash the rubber seals.


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Subject: carb cleaner vs. air intake cleaner
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Wanting to clean the ISV, I bought _carb + choke cleaner_, but following
appears on back of can - =93not recommended for fuel injected vehicles,
use_air intake + throttle body cleaner_ instead=94; (brand G**out, if
it makes a diff).  For this purpose, does it really matter?



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