Brake warning/pads

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Mon Jul 28 17:16:40 EDT 2003

On the brake pad light it "can" come from many sources.  A common failure is
also along the cable to the pads. (both at the lower connection, mis
connection, and on my 5KTQ the upper lines)  I will take a look at the PC
board though.  I have the pad light as well.  The real annoyance being that
it will not shut off with a push of the reset button like it should.  Looks
like I am off to RS for a new fine soldering gun.
200 20V Avant x 2

From: DAK <>
Subject: Re: Brake warning/pads

I just went through this. On mine, the light was coming on (along with
some other warnings. The classic "bad solder connections" in the
instrument cluster. I had mine out 3 nights in a row and finally got it.
If you pull the IC, you can test a pin on the brown 26 pin connector
(pin 10) to check for continuity with ground. I think mine had about 2
ohms resistance. That wire runs to both brake pads, then to ground. I
ended up tracing the circuit path through the PC board, all the way to a
big 68 pin chip. I re-flowed each solder connection on the way (and most
others on that board also!).

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