More Hyd Fluid Leaking

Steve Sherman spsherm at
Mon Jul 28 23:06:07 EDT 2003

About 6 mos back my 91 20v started making puddles of hyd fluid.  Turned
out to be loose hose clamps on the return line from the bomb to the
fluid res.  I tighten them both up and things were fine for 6 or so
months, until today.  The brake light came on today and I noticed a
small puddle of hyd fluid under the car, dripping from the area of the
bomb again.

Made it home without any emergenies, and started to look into it,
expecting a loose hose clamp again. On first inspection, that was not
the case; both clamps on the bomb return line were tight.  The leak does
seem to be coming from the area of the bomb, and I assume it is a low
pressure thing, as I do not hear or see a spray of oil when the car is
running.   Could be a leak in the low pressure line, but that looked
pretty new when I inspected it last time around.

Any of this sound familiar to anyone?  Any suggestions as to what to
look for  once I get things cleaned up and up on the ramps?


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