K26 Turbo?

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 29 01:20:44 EDT 2003

Sounds good in theory Dan,
  Except that the k24 is a little better developed and actually
handles the boost better than you think.
  The inducer Dia. on the k26 is actually smaller than the k24.
The thing to do would be to have the k26 rebuilt with a larger
and newer cold side.  Talk to   Majestic Turbo's.
They can mod that k26 nicely and make the 20v pull much better
in the upper ranges.  But at a cost of much slower spool up
times.  Sort of a Pseudo RS-2 but not quite as nice.  Yet
cheaper than an RS-2.
  Good luck.

--- Dan Cordon <cord4530 at uidaho.edu> wrote:
> Hey all,
> I had a question for fellow list members. On a 91 20V turbo,
> is there a
> benefit to putting a K26 turbo on when doing a chip upgrade?
> It seems to
> me that the stock K24 (while providing excellent spool times)
> is getting
> pretty inefficient at the higher boost levels seen with
> chips/springs.
> While the K26 isn't so great as the RS2, I just happen to have
> one.
> Here's my thinking. I have an 87 5KCSTQ that I'm planning to
> do the 034
> EFI setup on when the stage IIc is available this fall. I plan
> to run a
> T3/T4 hybrid turbo on that with a coil-on-plug setup. At that
> time the
> K26 turbo from that car would be sitting around. It's in great
> shape
> too. Are the water/oil lines, and exhaust flanges compatible
> between the
> K24 and K26?
> If this is a good idea, then I'll have a nice K24 turbo
> sitting around.
> That seems just about right for a 1.8L DOHC VTEC in my civic
> hb. :o)
> Plus, being water cooled too is a bonus.
> Anyway, if anyone can shed any light on this, I'd sure
> appreciate it.
> --
> Dan Cordon
> Mechanical Engineer - Engine Research Facility
> University of Idaho
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