Samco Hose GP for urS6/S6 and 200-20 valve

Robert Myers robert at
Tue Jul 29 09:44:17 EDT 2003

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Hi Y'all,

OK.  Here is what I got from Tom at ECS Tuning.   There may be a couple of
details remaining to be negotiated but I think what follows here is fairly
close to where we will end up.

Availability - hose sets for urS4, urS6, and the '91 200 20 valve.  Hoses
for other models such as the A4 1.8T, etc, are not available at this time.

Normal retail price when buying all three hoses for the S4/S6 series:  $360.00

#'s for the group buy

Count  Price/Set of 3 hoses
   5-10 $330.00
10-15  $310.00
15-20  $290.00
20-30  $279.00

Available colors:
Red, blue & black hoses will be the fastest delivery because these are
normally stocked and are ordered on a regular basis.  The other colors are
likely to have rather slow delivery times.

200 20v hoses are available in all the same colors.

Normal price is $260.00 when bought in a set of 2.

5-10 $230.00
10-15 $215.00
15 & up $199.00

These prices, especially if we have a group of over 20 look pretty much as
I suggested earlier - not CHEAP but still a pretty decent savings.  It
looks to me like we may well number over 20 before the GP is finalized.  I
have 25 names at the moment.  So far I have received about 11 pretty firm
commitments to purchase.  That leaves us not very far from the 20 buyer

When/if you reply or ask questions please include "Samco" in the subject
line so my filter will catch it for me. Thanks.

If you have already replied to a post similar to this one there is no need
to reply again - I already have you on the list.  If you are firmly decided
you want to participate and are pretty much ready to plunk down your money
then please let me know for sure and I'll include you in the count.  I'm
hoping to get something pretty firm worked out within the next week.

Once a fairly firm count is established we will then determine the final
pricing and arrange for actual orders, shipping information, payment
details, etc.  Hopefully that won't take too long to accomplish.


Don't blame me.  I voted with the majority.  :-(

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