[urq] factory vdo gauge problem

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Wed Jul 30 12:48:49 EDT 2003

 Thanks for all the suggestions!  Here's a quick follow up.

Some people suggested that maybe I switch the main Ground and the wire from
the sender--sounds logical and I might try that.  When I did hook up the
sender wire (with other 2 attached-it still was pegged, so not having a
signal was theoretically not the culprit.

What I ended up doing was just taking the wire from the sender and hooking
it up to my rotary diff lock controller, which has a 170C oil temp bar
graph.  It works fine and until I feel like messing with it some more, I'll
use it.  Oil temps on the 3B were right around 90C while driving "soft".
Acceptable to me.

The one drawback is that I put my Autometer boost gauge down in the 3 gauge
panel--not as easy to se as I would prefer, nut ok for now.  If I feel like
messing with the VDO temp gauge and putting it back, then I'll move the
boost gauge to the A-pillar area (ish).

Thanks again for all the input.

'84 urq 20V w/ oil temp gauged

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