3B flywheels was Re: [urq] factory vdo gauge problem

Martin Pajak Martin at quattro.ca
Wed Jul 30 20:26:32 EDT 2003


Are you using the stock Ur-q oil cooler?
The WR is being pulled this Friday...
It's going to be a long week... ;)

On a related note if anyone is interested in getting their stock 3B flywheel lightened please let me know.  I know those are already light compared to the stock WR/WX units however I have a CNC program a custom stand and access to a machine to make them even lighter.
Last night we machined three flywheels with over 3lbs reduction in the outer edge alone... not to mention it looks like it's ready to be installed in an IMSA car... ;)
I'll post the pics tonight.

Martin Pajak

1983 Ur-quattro CDN edition
1985 Ur-quattro Euro with a 3B in works

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From: "Brandon Rogers" <brogers at terrix.com>
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Date:  Wed, 30 Jul 2003 11:48:49 -0600

> Thanks for all the suggestions!  Here's a quick follow up.
>Some people suggested that maybe I switch the main Ground and the wire from
>the sender--sounds logical and I might try that.  When I did hook up the
>sender wire (with other 2 attached-it still was pegged, so not having a
>signal was theoretically not the culprit.
>What I ended up doing was just taking the wire from the sender and hooking
>it up to my rotary diff lock controller, which has a 170C oil temp bar
>graph.  It works fine and until I feel like messing with it some more, I'll
>use it.  Oil temps on the 3B were right around 90C while driving "soft".
>Acceptable to me.
>The one drawback is that I put my Autometer boost gauge down in the 3 gauge
>panel--not as easy to se as I would prefer, nut ok for now.  If I feel like
>messing with the VDO temp gauge and putting it back, then I'll move the
>boost gauge to the A-pillar area (ish).
>Thanks again for all the input.
>'84 urq 20V w/ oil temp gauged

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