3B dist anti tamper hold down removal

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Wed Jul 30 23:41:36 EDT 2003

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Thanks Dave and Keith for your respective how to's.  Here is what worked for
me, and
Chris may wish to add it to his web site.

3B Distributor Hold Down Anti Tamper Device Removal In Situ.

The hemispherical headed anti tamper screw must be removed to free the anti
tamper channel which covers the distributor hold down nut.

With the cruise control linkage and vacuum diaphram removed, I was able to
hack saw a vertical slot in the  hemispherical head of the anti tamper
screw, using a long cantilevered blade down from the top, between the back
of the fuel rail and the intake manifold.  Requires lots of short strokes, a
real PITA!.    A single blade does not make a wide enough slot to accept a
sturdy flat blade screw driver so the initial slot was widened with a
thicker key hole metal cutting blade.  The slot must be the full head depth
deep, afterwhich, with a sturdy flat blade screw driver from the side,  the
screw broke loose and could be removed.


From: DasWolfen at aol.com
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 21:44:58 EDT
To: b.benz at charter.net
Subject: Re: 3B dist anti tamper hold down

The "rivit" is really just a special screw. I've seen these used in other
apps. The screw head is designed to break off to prevent removal after
install. I usually cut a slot with a small dremel bit and then take it out
with a screwdriver.

Good Luck!!


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