3B dist anti tamper hold down

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Wed Jul 30 20:01:27 EDT 2003

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Hi Bernie,

Having just replaced my 3B distributor and removed the @#$% tamper resistant
bolt (and it is indeed a bolt with a twist-off head).  My advice is as

1--spread rags below/around the tamper resist bolt area to catch
grinding/drilling debris;

2--the bolt head is a pretty smooth dome--grind a flat spot so a drill will
center on it;

3--using a small drill motor, drill through the bolt head-- I used a 3/16"
to get a start, then just grabbed a 1/4"-5/16" short bit and drilled thru
the bolt head;

4--check often for progess and when you're there the guard channel will fall

5--after removal of the hold down nut and bracket I ground off the boss that
the tamper resistant bolt went thru--(IMO-an add on to the casting by a
paranoid vp/manager at Audi), and made a tool to ease tightening/removal of
hold down nut.

see photos--

I would not use a chisel.  I did initially try one, but is pretty abusive to
everything and impractical especially with IM on--method I used does no

Dave D
'91 200Q

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> Who has removed this device recently and what is the easist method?
> Having just looked closely at it, apparently it is a sheet metal aluminum
> channel of a width to just fit over the hold down nut or bolt head.  This
> channel extends from its covering of the hold down nut forward maybe 1.5"
> which point there is a steel rivit anchoring it to the head.  This round
> head rivit could be an expansion rivit, as it appears that there was a pin
> in the head of the rivit that has been driven flush to expand the rivit in
> hole in the head.  Apparently, one must either grind off the rivit head or
> cut off the aluminum channel just to the right of the rivit.  Not much
> to do either.
> Good ideas and exeriences will be greatly appreciated.
> Bernie
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> Hi Chris,
> Where might be the best ref for removal of this pesky device, or your
> on the subject?
> I'm trying to track down a miss on cyl#3 and, while I'm in there looking
> cap and rotor, I'd like to replace the dist drive gear with my new one.
> Just getting aroundtoit.
> Thanks, Bernie
> Haven't pulled one off, but I've heard a long chisel or a dremel removes
> cover over the hold down bolt.
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