Fw: 3B dist anti tamper hold down

Mike Sylvester msylvester at verizon.net
Thu Jul 31 14:42:12 EDT 2003

 I would be careful with the chisel method.  You can break the distributor
 retaining bolt.  BTDT

 Mike Sylvester

> Folks:
> I think that Bernie is looking for the easiest way to remove the anti
> bolt W/O removing the intake manifold.
> It's definitely ALOT easier with the engine out of the car.
> The only way that I have read that folks have accomplished this is to take
> long, thin chisel, insert it between the intake runners on the IM and dri=
> ve the bolt head off the anti tamper plate. (this is how Dan Simoes and a
> few others did it)
> Both Bentley and SJM recommend removing the IM, but then you will also
> to deal with the inset Allen bolts attaching the IM to the head and
> replacing at least the IM  gasket.  BTW this procedure also calls for
> removing the hydraulic pump....
> I'll try to take a picture tonight of this plate as it is still in place
> my S2 engine...(which is sitting on a pallet)
> -Peter

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