New guy on the list saying hey...

Chris Payne cbpldc at
Thu Jul 31 13:57:28 EDT 2003

Hey all,
I've just signed up here.  It's nice to see a bunch of other folks with 200=
q20V's other than me.  I'm am amateur Audi mechanic, more of an apprentice =
really.  I'm on my 12th Audi this year.  I've got a modded 90 200 10V Avant=
, an 88 Avant, a V8Q, a 20V Sedan and a 20V Avant.

I'm selling my super clean 20V sedan this week.  You can view pics of it he=

Here's my latest purchase and my keeper of the bunch.

I picked the car up for $3500 thanks to an eagle-eyed buddy.  I'll post mor=
e details if anyone's interested.

Thanks for the bandwidth.


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