3B dist anti tamper hold down

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Thu Jul 31 16:41:14 EDT 2003

> Don't know specifically about the 3B one - I'll check to see if it is
> the same/similar as the one I took of my NG.
> For that one, I simply used a revers out drill bit.  THe rivit actually
> is a screw.  After it is removed, it can be replaced by an 8mm bolt.

Well, not quite.  On the two or three I have messed with, the rivet was
a rivet, and you don't need to replace it with anything, either.

Anyway, the easiest thing to do is to cut the "channel" in half with a
dremel.  Once it's gone, the loosening/adjustment nut is exposed.  I
like to swap in a dist clamp from another engine without the rivet and
stuff, just to make it prettier.

You can also get the channel off by brute force, if you can get a big
screwdriver or pry bar under the edge of it.

Also, as Ben said, you drill out the rivet head.

> Who has removed this device recently and what is the easist method?
> Having just looked closely at it, apparently it is a sheet metal
> aluminum channel of a width to just fit over the hold down nut or bolt
> head.  Thischannel extends from its covering of the hold down nut
> forward maybe 1.5" at which point there is a steel rivit anchoring it
> to the head.  This round head rivit could be an expansion rivit, as it
> appears that there was a pin in the head of the rivit that has been
> driven flush to expand the rivit in a hole in the head.  Apparently,
> one must either grind off the rivit head or cut off the aluminum
> channel just to the right of the rivit.  Not much room to do either.
> Good ideas and exeriences will be greatly appreciated.

Huw Powell



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