[s-cars] Video of an Audi 200 MTM at Nurburgring

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Mon Jun 2 23:47:37 EDT 2003

>  > In case you have not seen it yet, there is a video of a special Audi 200
>>  (MTMed) at the 24 hours of Nurburgring 2003:
>>  <http://foto.nurburgring.de/web/2003/030601_r/MTM_Audi.wmv>

At 9:08 PM -0400 6/2/03, motogo1 wrote:
>That is a GREAT ride!...thanks

That is pretty sweet; I love the sound pulling out of the pits!

   Of interesting note is the TT zipping by the 200 like nobody's
business on lap 2, turn 1- and a few turns later, that Porsche cup
car just can't seem to out-accelerate the 200.  He's got the 200 in
braking with 10+ years of braking technology on his side- he brakes
MUCH later into the turn.

The 200's certainly competitive against many of the newest
cars...those Mercs, for example, were hardly a challenge.

He was slower than that red NSX- faster than the Jetta, some sort of
3-series sedan, the Merc(plus, 200's don't think they're planes,
right? :-).  Then. some orange something-or-other blows by.  What was
that?  Couldn't make heads or tales of it.  What looks like a Nissan
Skyline passes and disappears rather quickly.  I counted two M3's,
one new gen, one older one, both passed handily.  Best has to be near
the end though- he had that purple 911, but the guy wouldn't let him
pass. The 200 driver even has a few words for him :-)

Sigh...you know you're a flagging geek when you're spending most of
the time looking for the flagging stations and if they've got any
flags out.  I lost count of how many stations there were, and they
were going by pretty quick :-)

You also know you're an Audi nut when you're looking at the shift
lever when he lifts to see if the tranny mounts are worn :-)  Wonder
what that annoying whine was...was very pronounced during warmup and
slow speeds, not so much at speed.

So the real question is, are there any pictures of this car?  I've
never seen a purple 200 race car.  Oh, and was it a 20v?  Sounded a
little like it might be, but the audio quality was pretty so-so and
the exhaust was not exactly, uh, stock :-)

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