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Just for the record.

I flushed a NF engine in a stand for a good 15 minutes. I did until the water
came as clear as it was going in. Then compressed air for another 10-15

Every time I rotated the engine in the stand (I was rebuilding it) one or two
green drops always dripped.(not to mention the unforgiving oil).

Another fact, when I replaced the water pump, another green sighting.

It somehow confirms what Scott is saying about  the almost impossible total
flush, unless you take everyting apart.

What I don't understand is why mixing some drops of the green stuff with the
pink filled system is not a good idea?

BTW, right or wrong, I have the pink mix in KX engine in the rally car. It has
taken severe abuse with never going above the normal mark. I used the same
above procedure when I replaced the green mix.

I was set on use the pink mix when I replace the engine, but if it's a bad
idea, today's a good day to know it.


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>TSB199601 from VW/audi says to change all G11 (blue) to G12 (pink) coolant
>(corporate wide switch 96/97MY vw audi). The G12 is "supposed" to have better
>conditioning properties, stability, etc.... The procedure for old to new swap
>is to flush with distilled water with heater on, making sure that you have
>flushed the engine as well as the radiator (read: thermostat must open during
>procedure). Then purge with compressed air.
>I'll put forth my .o2 on this subject. IMO, you should stick with whichever
>coolant you got from the factory. If your audi is pre 96, then use the Blue
>G11, if it it post 96 use the Red G12. Mix them exactly as stated in the
>owners manual/Bentley/expansion tank label. Use ONLY distilled water in the
mix of
>either coolant you choose. The advantage to G12 is a longer silicate
>stability (read: long life). If you routinely flush and fill (every 2 years)
>the proper procedures above, you shouldn't find any problems with using G11,
>the debate on which is "better" really is moot.
>I personally refuse to do "the swap" in my shop. Whatever is in the motor
>when it comes in to my shop, is what I use when it leaves. I'm not at all
>convinced that even with the best of drain and fill procedures, that you've
>addressed purging of all the "old". YMMV. One issue that I've read (no btdt)
>that the swap of G11 to G12 on the old fibre head gaskets can lead to
>failure of head gaskets. This doesn't apply to the S car, since it is all
>steel anyhow, but could affect all other cars of the pre 96 audi line. The
>argument presented is the "warning" regarding mixing the 2 coolants,
>manifiests itself in a G11 soaked head gasket that is now immersed in
>My own belief is that the G12 is more "tolerant" of bad mixes, non use of
>distilled water and possibly a better long life stability.
>Following the proper procedure in either coolant application is the key to a
>good coolant in your audi. Water wetter (all anecdotes and testimonials
>aside) is a no-no, in fact ANY additive is a no-no. The baseline for A/F is
>alkaline content of the mixture, which you alter with the use of additives.
>The debate appears to be a rage, even within manufacturers of audis/coolant.
>IMO, with proper procedures, either coolant designated for your automobile
>should prove most adequate to the task at hand. If your car has been
>best leave it that way, no sense in "another" swap, whatever issues are
>already expost facto.
>HTH and my .02
>Scott Justusson
>QSHIPQ Performance Tuning
>G11 fleet
>'91 v8
>'87 T44tqw
>'84 RS2URQ
>'83 Urq
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> >
> >Just returned from CT. I wound up missing the Greenwich Concours
> >entirely due to wedding attendance and rain rain rain. Man O man =O
> >
> >Anyway my sisters urS'92 in a word is great. IMHO '92 was perhaps the
> >best year, abs on/off, more aggressive software, funky interior wood,
> >forged wheels, dual pissers and most importantly, a great suspension.
> >Very nice.
> >
> >Does it really matter red vs green Audi coolant? They put red in her
> >car but my car takes the green.
> >
> >Would any CT (southern CT ) lister know of a good place to get the car
> >painted?? How much should a 'good' job cost do ya think? She has balck
> >with grey interior and new paint would make the car new IME. A three
> >spoke wheel would be nice too.
> >
> >Thanks in advance!
> >
> >Cheers'
> >
> >Bill m

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