after run relay

reesisright reesisright at
Wed Jun 4 17:15:15 EDT 2003

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Hi, I'm trying to locate the after run/ turbo coolant pump control relay. B=
entley vol3,97.12, shows it behind the left front kick panel. All  I see th=
ere is a black oval case bolted to the wall, with a 3- wire connector going=
 to it, and a 6-wire connector in free air, with a pink plastic plug with 2=
 loops. Neither look like a regular relay or anything like the illustration=
, or the photo of the '92 A4/A6 relay on Scott's site. The car is a 200tq20=
v, not a 5000. This almost has to have a simple answer, and my face is prep=
ared to become red.


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