[s-cars] Video of an Audi 200 MTM at Nurburgring

Ted Fisher fisherwc at pacbell.net
Thu Jun 5 16:49:39 EDT 2003

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Hey guys, tried the MS download and still can't watch the video. Any ideas?

Todd Phenneger wrote:

>HEY! IT's a 6-spd
>  Did anyone notice that right after 14:00 through the video on
>that long straight that he shifted into 6TH Gear!?!?  Where did
>that 6th Gear come from.  Man that thing is fast, the hood
>looked like it was ready to fly off. :-)
>  l8r
>      Todd
>--- Brett Dikeman <brett at cloud9.net> wrote:
>>> > In case you have not seen it yet, there is a video of a
>>special Audi 200
>>>> (MTMed) at the 24 hours of Nurburgring 2003:
>>At 9:08 PM -0400 6/2/03, motogo1 wrote:
>>>That is a GREAT ride!...thanks
>>That is pretty sweet; I love the sound pulling out of the
>>   Of interesting note is the TT zipping by the 200 like
>>business on lap 2, turn 1- and a few turns later, that Porsche
>>car just can't seem to out-accelerate the 200.  He's got the
>>200 in
>>braking with 10+ years of braking technology on his side- he
>>MUCH later into the turn.
>>The 200's certainly competitive against many of the newest
>>cars...those Mercs, for example, were hardly a challenge.
>>He was slower than that red NSX- faster than the Jetta, some
>>sort of
>>3-series sedan, the Merc(plus, 200's don't think they're
>>right? :-).  Then. some orange something-or-other blows by.
>>What was
>>that?  Couldn't make heads or tales of it.  What looks like a
>>Skyline passes and disappears rather quickly.  I counted two
>>one new gen, one older one, both passed handily.  Best has to
>>be near
>>the end though- he had that purple 911, but the guy wouldn't
>>let him
>>pass. The 200 driver even has a few words for him :-)
>>Sigh...you know you're a flagging geek when you're spending
>>most of
>>the time looking for the flagging stations and if they've got
>>flags out.  I lost count of how many stations there were, and
>>were going by pretty quick :-)
>>You also know you're an Audi nut when you're looking at the
>>lever when he lifts to see if the tranny mounts are worn :-)
>>what that annoying whine was...was very pronounced during
>>warmup and
>>slow speeds, not so much at speed.
>>So the real question is, are there any pictures of this car?
>>never seen a purple 200 race car.  Oh, and was it a 20v?
>>Sounded a
>>little like it might be, but the audio quality was pretty
>>so-so and
>>the exhaust was not exactly, uh, stock :-)
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