after run relay

Phil Rose pjrose at
Sat Jun 7 15:00:23 EDT 2003

At 10:37 PM -0400 6/6/03, ben swann wrote:
>In my experience and understanding of how the afterun system works, the
>engine needs to really be heat soaked for the afterun to come on.  You
>may not have a problem.  I thought I did when I got my first 5ktq, and
>replaced MTFS and checked the components up and down.  Finally when I
>did a long trip in warmer weather, then the afterrun kicked in.

My afterrun typically would never come on unless the weather was
warm-to-hot. I did the shorted-leads test, and that seemed to check
out OK. Eventually the afterrun became undependable even in hot
weather and often didn't work when expected. Last month, when I
finally replaced the sensor, I found that one of the spade connectors
had never been properly pushed onto the sensor terminal
(inadvertantly, it had been pushed aside--inside its rubber boot.)
That sensor terminal was also well-corroded--I guess there might have
been enough accidental contact from time-to-time for the system to
trigger, but it eventually stopped. I've installed the new sensor,
taking care to make proper connections. However the system still
seems to need (as Ben says) to be "really heat soaked" and have
fairly warm weather in order to come on.


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